Our Demonstration Fun Station Themes

Students will enjoy the interactive approach


Huff and Puff Science

Air is all around us. It has mass and it takes up space. Discover how Bernoulli's principle can keep things in the air, make ping pong balls float and how we use pressure to move things.


Static Electricity

Static electricity can come from various objects like carpet, doorknobs, sweaters, and balloons. During this demonstration, kids get to witness the effect of static electricity first hand. This demonstration is so mind-blowing, it makes the hairs on the back of their necks stand up—literally!


Dry Ice

Ever wondered how the infamous fog effect is generated? You guessed it…dry ice! Not only is this extremely cold form of carbon dioxide good at fogging up a room, it is also used to illustrate several other cool effects. During this demonstration, children learn all of the chilling facts behind dry ice, in addition to conjuring up a few magical potions using the element itself.


Atomic Science

Discover the difference between physical and chemical changes. Learn about molecules, atoms and the different states of matter. Play with slimy polymers, too!


Magnetic Magic

Discover how magnets work. Why are certain materials magnetic and how can we make a string of paperclips stick together without interlocking them. Uncover how a compass works and play tug-o-war with an electro-magnet!


See it to Believe IT!

Trick your eyes with illusions and mirror reflection. Learn how the brain and eyes work together and find how concave and convex lenses help us see a certain way.


Water Works

Water covers over 2/3 of the earth--get to know more about it! Learn about densities, fresh water vs. salt water and how why certain objects float.


Stunt Planes

Learn about the 4 parts of flight and why airplanes need to be aerodynamic. Learn the difference between a delta dart and football airplane!


Crazy Critters

BUGS! They are everywhere and very important to our eco-system. Learn about the different parts of a big, their habitats and defense mechanisms.



Let's dig deep into the earth and go over the 3 different rocks that cover the Earth's surface. Watch how tectonic plates work and what happens when fault lines move.


Space Frontiers

Launch into space and go over space phenomena. Learn about the different phases of the moon and how eclipses work!


Energy Burst

Energy is all around us and we can change it from potential energy to kinetic energy to mechanical energy! Have fun with a radiometer, test rubber band energy and much more.


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