Stay Home, Stay Scientific

For over 30 years Mad Science of Houston has been "edu-taining" children and will continue to do so during these unprecedented times. We have carefully come up with programs and activities for your Jr. Scientist to do at home, safely. Mad Science can help you celebrate your child's birthday, keep your child's science skills sharp on and off line and spark ideas for you to experiment with your child at home. Stay Strong!

Mad Scientist holding a beaker with dry ice in side and smoke existing the top Mad Scientist holding a beaker with dry ice in side and smoke existing the top

Birthday and At Home Options

Blue birthday party hat with 2 purple stripes and a yellow star on top.

Our Birthday Boxes include an Amazing Birthday Adventure wrapped up and delivered to your house! Want to have a party? Have a Mad Science virtual party and allow children to share each others company and be entertained!

Birthday Options
a flask with a tennis ball and a toy rocket ship

Bring the lab to your home and go on a week long science discovery led by an engaging Mad Scientist! Whether on screen or in-person our camps will educate, entertain and spark imaginative learning.

Virtual Camps
white instructor Lab Coat

Loop Labs are monthly kits filled with amazing experiments to give your child a break from the online world, but keep them engaged to the science world! Science is a lot of fun and these boxes show it. Use LABCOAT47

Loop Labs
Hand holding a right angled protractor with a Ruler & Protractor next to it

This amazing could not have come at a better time. Allow your child's science mind to soar as they try to figure the most complicated way to retrieve a bar of soap!

Rube Goldberg Challenge
Plasma Ball showing electric beams of light

Organize a Mad Science Zoom party! You don't need a special occasion to get together with friends, but you might want something for them to do when they do get together. Mad Science will host and entertain as your child and friends enjoy each other's company and are "edu-tained" with science!

Zoom Parties

Schools, Daycares and other Organizations

Shows and workshops can still be done. Find out how!

More Information
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