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Extra! Extra! Hear All About Finales!


Add a little something extra to your party! Our finales are approximately 15 minutes long and may include of some of our most popular experiments! 

Cotton Candy ($50)

Did you know there is science behind making cotton candy?  There is!!  Who knew science could taste this good! Learn about the amazing reaction that occurs when you combine heat, sugar and centrifugal force. You get cotton candy! This is one tasty experiment you'll love to eat.


Dry Ice ($50)

Our "coolest" add on, Dry Ice turns down the temperature and amazes the audience with this solid carbon dioxide. See how this solid can "sublimate", observe the power of gas pressure, wash your hands with carbon dioxide bubbles, hear dry ice "sing" with metal, hear George Washington's teeth chatter and more.


It is Rocket Science!! (and Demo) ($50)

Watch a rocket blast into the sky! We bring rocket science to you; we talk about the parts of the rocket and flight and launch a rocket over 300 feet with the help of the birthday child (who gets to keep the rocket!). This add-on takes the party to the skies.  (A ballpark or field is needed in order to launch a rocket; we will not launch in a backyard or cul-de-sac for the safety of neighborhood children.)


      Hair Raising Experience ($50) (Only available at The Lab)

Hands-up to those who know that your body is mostly made up of water? And hands-up if you know that water is a conductor of electricity?  Well if you know that and are ready for an electrifying experience then this finale is for you!


    Rocking Volcano ($50)
 Become a "geologist" as we identify and classify the three types of rock that make up a Volcano.The best part is when the birthday child gets to add the chemical ingredients make our very own Mad Science kid sized volcanic eruption!
     Laser Light ($50)
Did you know that light travels in a straight line?  Or that you cannot bend light?  You can however, with the use of mirrors, make it do really cool things.  Ever played laser limbo before?  You might get to with this finale! 
    Sonic Sounds ($50)

Does this SOUND crazy?  It is!  It's crazy fun as we teach, and then prove, that sound actually travels in waves!  And speaking of waves....this finale ends with a SPLASH!!

 The Fun Stuff!

Goody Bags   $5.75 ea

Downloadable, Customizable, and Printable Invitations   FREE

Child Sized Lab Coats     $6.00 ea

For more detailed information about all these options, scroll to the top and hit either the "General Party Information" or "Parties at The Mad Science Kid's Lab" box.


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